P5252777_OVdI started to dye just to play two years ago with scaps of yarn and food dyes, and immediately I decided that I wanted to improve my creations using professional dyes and quality yarns, and so the adventure began!
Since then I studied color theory, I’ve made hundreds of mini samples, and my love for colors continues to grow more and more every day. I officially open SnailYarn shop less than a year after in August 2014.

For now the magic happens in my home kitchen, but I hope to move soon in a separate studio.

I love highly variegated colourways, as well as subtle variegated shades, and I love stripes so much, so I create lot of tonal and semisolid colourways which can be mixed and used together to create colorful projects, and the more the pairing is unusual, the more I like it! All my yarns are kettle dyed in small quantities, usually 5 skein per batch.

I care for high quality of yarn and fibres, as well as for the environment and the animals, especially for our beloved sheeps which provide us with this wonderful material, the wool, we knitters love so much to work with. For the yarn I only use Merino wool from South America or Falkland in order to avoid the mulesing issues, Bluefaced Leicester bred in UK, and other high quality fibres, all specifically spun for hand knit.

I use environmental friendly, weak acid, exaust dye. This means that they need only a bit of vinegar or citric acid (which I use because it is odorless) to be fixed, as well as heat. They exaust at the end of the process, so no residual dye remains in the water used to dye. Plus they are guaranteed as totally safe to be worn next to the skin.

And overall I’m a knitter, I loved to knit since my childhood, but after discovering Ravelry in 2010 knitting became an addiction and a real passion, and I hope to transmit some of this passion to you through my yarns and my colours.


Valentina Consalvi P. IVA: 13243711002