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"The Color Wheel" - Yarn-Advent Calendar 2023

"The Color Wheel" - Yarn-Advent Calendar 2023

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The 2023 yarn-dvent calendar is now available for pre-order!
It will ship from mid October to mid-November 2023, depending on your shipping destination.

It will include 24 cute little numbered packets each one containing a micro (10g) or mini (20g) skein of lovingly hand-dyed yarn.

Yarn Options:

Merino Single - Fingering - 100% Merino Superwash - 73m/80yds per 20g mini
Merino Sock - Fingering - 75% Merino Superwash + 25% nylon - 85m/93yds per 20g mini
DK sock - Fingering - 75% Merino Superwash + 25% nylon - 45m/49yds per 20g mini
Soft Merino - Fingering - 100% Merino non superwash - 80m/88yds per 20g mini

This year's theme is: The Color Wheel! 🌈 We will explore the entire color spectrum, but not at its brightest, instead we will dive deep and explore all the beautiful hues and shades that occur as you transition from one color to another. And there will also be a pattern, as we will knit our own color wheel ✨ ☸️

This year's Yarn Advent Calendar will be made up of 24 semi-solid colors, with some tonal variations and the occasional little dots of color here and there. Starting with the primary colors: yellow, red and blue, we will explore and bring together a beautiful rainbow of colors, each one smoothly transitioning into the next, to create a huge gradient.

You can see some of my older yarns and colors in photos to see what you can expect, while the latest images show the 2022 Advent yarns and calendar and the 2022 Advent knitting pattern: Triangles, a knitted Quilt.

*The inspiration*

Since I started my hand-dyed yarn business, I have become obsessed with colors and color theory. By exploring and dyeing my own color wheels, using different colors as primaries, I learned a lot about color mixing and color matching.

Recently the dye brand that I have always used to dye my yarn, for 9 years now, updated their dye formulation, and so some colors have changed.
At first I was quite worried, most of my colorways were developed by mixing some primary colors and if they changed, how could I recreate them? But instead of despairing and crying all my tears, I decided to test the new colors and develop, after a long time, a new color wheel, to inspire me both to recreate the old colors, as well as creating new ones.

This happened around the same time I was researching this year's Yarn Advent theme, and as soon as I saw the first swatches coming out of the jars, I decided on the theme for the year. I returned to yarn dyeing in 2022 after a couple of years of stop (since Covid started), all of a sudden I realized how much I was missing color in my life, and so for 2023 I decided that was time to dedicate an ode to color.

It will include a copy of the new 2023 Advent Calendar knitting pattern which will be sent at a later time.

Note: As the yarns will be individually wrapped for a little surprise every day, the final pattern images will also be kept secret until Christmas. 🤫

Optional: You can choose if you want to receive extra handmade gifts (surprise!).
Extra gifts can include a selection of: tea, a mug, a handmade candle, knitting accessories, hand or self care products.

Shipping: All advent calendars will be shipped tracked.
IT and EU orders will be shipped via express courier, while orders placed outside the EU will be shipped via tracked mail, by the second half of October. If you would like your order to be shipped outside the EU via express courier, please check the shipping updates.



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