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Wisteria collection Semisolid - Smooth Merino - 5x50gr skeins

Wisteria collection Semisolid - Smooth Merino - 5x50gr skeins

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The Wisteria collection is inspired by spectacular Spring flowering Wisteria. It is composed of 5 semisolid and 5 variegated colors, purples, pinks, and yellow greens, that look beautiful on their own and also look great knitted together in a big fade.

This is a fade set of 5 semisolid colors on the yarn base:

Smooth Merino - 100% superwash Merino - 400m/440y per 100 gr

Each of the 5 skeins weighs 50 grams for a total of 250 gr (1000m/1100y)

Recommended needle size - gauge

2.25 to 3.25 mm (U.S. 1 to 3) needles - around 27–32 sts in Stockinette stitch to 10 cm - 4"

3.25 to 3.75 mm (U.S. 3 to 5) needles - around 23–26 sts in Stockinette stitch to 10 cm - 4"

The second picture as well as the sock shown are made with the whole Wisteria fade made with Wisteria variegated + semisolid sets combined.




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