Triangles Quilt, a step by step tutorial

Triangles Quilt, a step by step tutorial

An hand knitted cushion made of triangular shaped little sections like a quilted cushion
When I published Triangle quilt last month, after at least a couple years since my latest self published pattern, a lovely knitter asked me some help about the technique used, specifically Wrap&Turn short rows, and all of a sudden I realized:
I had completely forgot to include in the final copy the detailed instructions about the technique! 😅 Ok, I know it can happen, especially if you haven't been doing something for long, I was already feeling a bit "rusted" while I was putting the pattern together. What matters is learning and improving, always.
Most importantly I realized that even if a technique seems a basic one, maybe even to the not so experienced knitters, may still be a new one even for the most experienced one. We all have different likings as of kind of project, stitch markers, techniques used, yarns, colors, and so on.
One of the first knitting pattern I knitted apparently 10 years ago was Color affection by Veera Valimaki and it used garter stitch and wrap&turn short rows. Garter stitch is my favourite basic stitch, and I like short rows, especially in garter stitch because it is not necessary to pick up the wraps (silly me!), and used them in many other projects. But maybe you knitted fair isle hat and scarves for 10 years, so you may be a master in stranded colorwork, but never used short rows, and that's completely fine, of course!
And my aim with my patterns is of course to express my creativity, but also to create pattern that are modern, entertaining, but more than anything I want them to be easy! Anyone should be able to knit them! So many times people told me "wow, how can you do that? You're so talented" or "How much I'd love to do such thing but I can't even hold a needle in my hand". And it makes me sad to know someone is feeling like that, like not having the ability to do something. I think we all have the ability to create something nice and good with our own two hands. That's why we are so lucky to have our hands, that's why we are in this world, to make.
So I've took the opportunity to try and make a tutorial. Actually I also filmed a video, so sooner or later it will come as well, but for now I've published a detailed step by step photo tutorial, as a patten update, to explain how to knit the triangles of the  Triangle quilt, I promise that it is easier said than done, and I hope it'll be of help.
The tutorial explains how to use Wrap&Turn short rows to shape the knitted triangles, so actually it is a  Wrap&Turn short row tutorial. I may do a separate detailed post, but for now if you want you can download the tutorial at the end of this page. So if you're still deciding whether you want to buy or knit your very own triangle quilt, you can have a glimpse of how it is knitted up!
From the pattern page:
TRIANGLES, a Knitted Quilt, is a recipe to create a quilt inspired knitting piece. Following the pattern you’ll knit strips of triangles, which later will be sewn together to endless possibilities. My suggestions includes a cushion, a blanket, and wearables wrap and scarf, but you could use the recipe to your fancy. Why not sewing the strips to create a sweater, or a simple square open cardigan, in Elizabeth Zimmermann style? I can’t wait to create more pieces, and see your unique creations taking shape. I hope you can use this recipe as a blank canvas to create your own palette, maybe using those single skeins which have been laying around for awhile, or the precious hand dyed minis which you’ve been treasuring, or every little scrappy left from previous projects, with each triangle requiring as little as 4-5 grams of yarn.
Have a look at the patten page to find more pictures and all the schematics of the suggested shapes and sizes to knit your very own Quilt piece.
The pattern update includes the tutorial both in the main file, as well as a separate file, so if you need to look at the instructions on your phone while looking at the tutorial on your tablet, you could do that easily.
I've casted on a new Triangle quilt using the yarn advent calendar set for which I designed it, and the very last one is available in the shop.
I was thinking to create a small blanket, but now I'm dreaming of a big bedspread, alternating strips made with the advent colors, with strips made with all the collection I want to launch this year, to make a visual colored diary, it will be gorgeous, don't you think so? ❤️
I hope you'll enjoy. 
Triangle Quilt step by step Photo tutorial
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It was lovely to read your latest newsletter. I have missed reading any news from you. The last2 years have been difficult for so many people.
I loved seeing all the colours of your skeins of yarn.

Hazel Martin

Thank you for doing this, very kind

Pam green

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