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Individual skeins - BFL worsted weight - 200 Meters

Individual skeins - BFL worsted weight - 200 Meters

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Plant dyed non superwash 

75% Bluefaced Leicester 25% Masham British wool - 100 grams - 200 m

Purple is dyed with Logwood

Light blue is dyed with Madder root and iron and overdyed with Indigo

Light orange is dyed with Coreopsis

Light yellow is dyed with Weld

Blue is dyed with Indigo

*Please note that plant dyes will change when exposed to light and time, these skeins were closed in bags in a closet and they didn't change a bit in at least a couple years, but they may change over time while using them, especially the most fugitive ones like Indigo and Logwood, which may turn grayish or brownish over time.

*To make these colors a bit less fugitive (they will still change over time) a lot of metals are needed which I don't like to use as I don't feel it is very environmental friendly, this is why in the future I'll most likely plant dye with tannin rich based dyes only, as they somehow stain the Yarn/fabric and are much more stable over time.

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