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Prisma - New color of the month - June

Prisma - New color of the month - June

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Meet Prisma, a new variegated colorway, with pink reds to purple blues, and sometimes greens and peaches and some darker tones appearing in between.

I've always had a sweet spot for variegated colorways, but they need to have some characteristics: the color variations need to be subtle and gentle within the thread, one color need to transform gently in the next, moving through all the shades that are in between, which often means dark, muted or hearty tones.

And as you knit, you have to see those changes and transitions stitch by stitch, because I think the beauty of variegated colorways is in the joy and pleasure of knitting, is not about the finished garment itself, but the happiness of every new color you discover in every single stitch.

That's why variegated colorways are especially suitable for small accessories knitting in stockinette or in very simple textures, like my New Steps free sock pattern, or even used as a contrast color, maybe together with a neutral, in a slipped stitch pattern, so that every slipped stitch popping is an unexpected surprise.

The only downside, if could be told so, is that every single skein is pretty much unique.

YARN BASE:  Merino Sock
75% Merino Superwash - 25% nylon
1 full skein - 100 gr - 425m/465yds
mini skein - 20 gr - 85m/93m

Recommended needle size - gauge
2.25 to 3.25 mm (U.S. 1 to 3) needles - around 27–32 sts in Stockinette stitch to 10 cm - 4"
3.25 to 3.75 mm (U.S. 3 to 5) needles - around 23–26 sts in Stockinette stitch to 10 cm - 4"

I do my best to show the colors of my yarns as I see them, but pictures may be shown differently on your monitor.
I dye all of my yarns by hands, in my tiny dye space in my house, using lightfast Acid Dyes.
All of the colors are not premixed, I mix them using only primaries, so each colourway is custom and unique.



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